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Will caller get answering machine if I'm on it?

Question asked by himmit on Dec 17, 2018
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On my remote landline, when I am on a call with Betty, I hear Call Waiting beeps signalling that there is another caller.




  1. If I do NOT answer the new caller, will they be redirected to MY Voicemail (Vm) machine or will it just keep ringing for them until they hang up, or I answer? If NO then please go to #2 below, else thank you, Have a Merry Christmas and  goodbye.
  2. Same scenario as in #1 above, BUT, assume I use Shaw's digital Vm instead of my phone's built-in answering (Vm) machine, will the caller be redirected to the Shaw Vm machine?


Reason for question: 

Not being a prisoner, I do not have a Cell - just the landline. I don't have to ask Shaw for my messages (Vm), I get them right off the phone Base. Sometimes, when speaking to Betty, I hear the call waiting beeps and would prefer not to answer, but always do - in case it's Veronica.

It would be nice if I didn't have to answer a Call Waiting, in case it's Jughead, and any unanswered Call Waiting were redirected to an Vm answering device, be it mine or Shaw's, after the already set number of rings on my L/L?


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