Got Majorly Screwed Over By Shaw

Discussion created by 5thej on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by kevinds

Just upgraded our Internet and Digital TV Terminals but they were not compatible with our TV's. So we kept our old Digital Cable Boxes. In the process the sales rep from Shaw asked me to change our TV Package which is "Digital Classic" and I asked him if we would be able to keep all the same channels we have. He told me "we would not lose any channels at all." That was a condition I asked him before agreeing to switch to another package. Infact, he said we would end up with additional 2 channels. Now we've found that we have lost 19 channels in total. Totally irate about this. Called Shaw and done the live on-line chat but they are just brushing me right off. I was totally misled by sales rep who lied with Shaw stealing all these channels. Shady sales practice much.


On top of this VCR no longer is working now thanks to idiot techs that were sent out. Thanks alot, Shaw. Classy bending over a customer with such lies and committing theft.