HD Guide- View Channel Program Listing- Vertical Scrolling?

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HD Guide- View Channel Program Listing- Vertical Scrolling?


After many years with my old Motorola DCX 3400, and using the trusty "Original Guide", I have recently been forced to "upgrade" to a DCX 3510 that uses the "newer" guide (which itself might even be obsolete now).



I want to scroll through the individual channel program listings, vertically, and scan them a page at a time as I hit page-up, page-down. This way I can quickly, and efficiently, go through each channel's upcoming programs for the next 3 weeks to see if there is anything I want to record. You used to be able to do this with the old guide by just hitting the menu button twice on a particular channel, then up would pop a vertical listing of the upcoming programs, and you could then use page up, page down to scroll through and hit record to your heart's content.

The new HD guide lets you scroll through horizontally, but you have to do that one program at a time, which to get through 3 weeks of programming means you'll have to hit that button at least 500 to 600 TIMES to get through them all! That's nuts!!  

I looked everywhere on the device and menu for a way to scroll vertically, but could find nothing. If this ability doesn't exist, then IMHO its a design fail. Coupled with the fact that you can't actually save a search in the new search engine, it makes it even more of a functional design fail.


With all these channels available, you need very good, and smartly designed search functions in order to efficiently navigate through and find the thousands of programs you're paying for. The old guide had this ability, the "newer" guide does not, at least as far as I can tell... which leads to these following questions;



1. Is what I've found true, its a design fail, or have I missed a search feature/function that I've so far not discovered in the new HD guide?

2. Is this guide even supported by Shaw anymore, or is it developmentally dead (software-wise)?

3. I read through some old postings here about the new guide that complained (as I have) about the inability to save searches, this was back in about 2013, and I think someone said they'd pass it on to the engineers for consideration. Did these engineers ever upgrade the guide functionality based on client feedback, or is this version now unsupported, which means we can expect no new upgrades, and what we have is in fact


Thanks for your insight and help!



Burnaby, BC