Three Hour Wait, No Person

Discussion created by stevevee on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by allanbay2

My Internet went out this morning and I assumed it was an outage.  About fifteen hours later, I called and chose the option to be called back in twenty minutes - no one called me back.  70 minutes in I got a guy on chat that said I owed money and they cut me off on purpose after paying $250 per month for thirty years.  In the past I had spent a couple grand a month with them on my company access.  Okay fine, I don't get bills, you had an autopay glitch as my credit card changed, no one called, emailed or phoned me and I can't log into the system as if I try to create an account, it says I already have one, but if I say I forgot password, it says I don't have an account.  He hangs up on me.  Now I have girlfriend on phone and chat and myself on phone and chat and three hours in, it is ten so everyone hangs up on me as they have to go home.  Ridiculous customer service considering Telus just wired my house with fiber optic.