HD - Shaw has the full complement, when will they deliver?

Discussion created by dxer on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by buckycat

At least once a month I get a Telus Optic seller at my door, making very attractive offers. The latest includes internet 300, the equivalent to Shaw's Medium TV, delivered by fibre, from a wireless box, for substantially less than Shaw (once the promo period ends). Moreover all Optic channels are HD. Shaw? For at least 5 years we hear "just wait", while cable capacity is upgraded and SD channels are transitioned to HD. Well, both are supposedly done. Still, it's the same old. Even Shaw-owned Corus channels (e.g., BBC Canada) remain mired in SD, at least on Shaw. So when does the "wait" end? Will it end? Has Shaw Cable become a technological dinosaur? Will Shaw ever reach parity on delivery? Is there any value in remaining a long time Shaw customer?