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Discussion created by wilthor on Jan 8, 2019
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I apologize for starting a new discussion, however I was unable to find one that answered questions about channels and listings.  We just moved to the "Large TV" package after being on the "Digital Classic."  I have a few questions/comments:  


1.  I have tried to find an accurate listing of "My Channel List" that reflects only those channels I am able to access.  The listing given under my account lists several that I do not get. When I reviewed the channel listings given for Calgary, that did not reflect the channels I get either How to view my Shaw channel listings.  I get that at the bottom of "My Channel List" it does say "In the event of a discrepancy between this channel list and the available channels on your set-top box, your set-top box is the most accurate representation of your current plan."  However, these are some pretty big "discrepancies" I believe.  


 This change has taken off three channels that we used a lot 083, 084, and 085. (CBS, NBC, ABC - US channels) Mainly we used these to manage the PVR of specific network shows.  What's interesting is that it's gone on our Motorola DCX3510-M but they are on our other box  Motorola DCX3200 M-P3.  I don't believe they have been moved to other channels as I've tried finding them.


2.  We mainly moved to the "Large TV" package to access the Discovery channels not included in our "Digital Classic"..... Animal Planet, ID, Velocity and Science.  Much to my dismay, Discovery Science is not on the current channel listing.  When I was doing my "research" on Shaw's website prior to signing up for the "Large TV" package, I thought I saw it listed somewhere (thinking I saw it listed in a "theme package" but now I can't find it.  Why does Shaw not have this Discovery Channel when they have all the others?  Would love to see that one added!  


Mainly, I would like to see a more accurate reflection somewhere of what channels we are actually getting. 


Thank you!  


P.S.  On a totally unrelated topic and a very picky one at that.   There is a spelling error on the SHAW page for BlueSky TV.  "Installation" is spelled wrong across all the listings.   BlueSky TV – The Future of Television | Advanced TV Watching