Season 2 Vs Season 02

Discussion created by blade_27 on Jan 16, 2019
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I had the last episode of Orville {S2 Ep3} on PVR. When I was trying to watch it the last 15 minutes or so their was a loss of vocals. Music and sound effects came though fine but their was a total loss of sound where it came to what was being said {I'm off topic}. I've been checking On Demand daily waiting for S2 Ep3 to be added so I could re-watch it and it's been only S2 Ep2.


I just checked the seasons of Orville to see what episodes were available and of the two listed it's listed as

1) Season 2 Ep 2

2) Season 02 Ep 3

both episodes are from the second season but listed differently under the second season.


I know about the program guide error form and was wondering if theirs one for On Demand?