Minimum requirements for an XB6 to work?

Discussion created by rajatdixit007 on Jan 18, 2019
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So I moved into a new townhouse in Champlain Heights area in Vancouver. With the move in I was upgraded from a Hitron CGNM-2250 to the new Shaw XB6 Modem. After weeks of trying to connect and multiple routers swaps later Shaw determined that the townhouse complex is 'too old' to support new high bandwidth routers. When I asked the definition of 'too old' the technician mentioned that the signal wire coming into the house has to be upgraded for it to support the new hardware. I am here to ask some questions to the community. 

- Has anyone faced an issue like this before? My home was build in the 70's and I do agree its old but I mean people are still living in it. 
- Does Shaw have a signal/bandwidth threshold test for these new routers? There are thousands of buildings in Metro Vancouver area that are probably older than mine. Would these buildings face similar issues? Does Shaw have a test plan in mind?

- Since then I am running my old Hitron CGNM-2250 and its working just fine. I guess the signal quality coming in meets expectations but, I am still curious to know what quality is good enough quality for these new routers. Has Shaw or anyone tested this in detail? I am sure some advanced testing beforehand can save Shaw and other customers some time instead of sending technicians back and forth. 


The new townhouse has 3 floors and the router is in the basement. I barely get good WiFi on the top floor so I am debating in either switching to Telus or bridging the router with a 3rd part ASUS router. 
Anyhelp in this topic would be appreciated.