Playstation 4 repeated connection drops

Discussion created by tkdragon on Jan 21, 2019
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Over the past few months, my daughter has tried to play online games through the PlayStation 4 (online multiplayer from a game title we purchased). She has repeatedly complained about connection issues when playing. The connection will stutter and eventually freeze and we receive a connection lost message. It has happened at all time of the day. She plays online with a friend in Germany and he has not had the same issue while playing the exact same game at the exact same time. This would suggest that it is not an issue with the game server but a local of ISP issue. I have had her run connection tests on the PS4 when the issue occurs and it is not showing any bad download or upload speeds which begs the question - what is happening here that is not happening elsewhere?


Location - Winnipeg area

Modem - DPC3825

PS4 is wired, not wireless

When I run Shaw Speedtest off my PC is is always showing download speeds of around 50 - 60 and upload speeds around 5 which are what they should be for my package.

Connection tests show DL speeds of around 38 and UL of 3 - 4.