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Livestream buffering issues and intermittent sub-megabit speeds to off-net sites

Question asked by dylnstwrt on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by davidrom5

In January, my household started to have issues with regards to what seemed to just be limited to livestreams on; where before you were able to watch multiple at a time at source quality without buffering, and now a given computer is limited to watch a single stream at 720p (over ethernet) without buffering during non-peak hours. These issues then spread to being unable to load hi-res images quickly, as in if it was large enough it would take close to 10 - 20 seconds to load in an image which is insane. These issues are also accompanied with a packet loss of average 3-4%. 


A quick test on show's that we're getting our normal speeds, but go to any other reputable test that hosts off-net (i.e. M-Lab/Google's Speedtest or InternetHealthTest) and it's showing that while our upload speeds are fine, our download speeds are running at less than 1Mbs during peak hours, and barely close to the Internet 600 that we're paying for at any other time of the day. 


Now, if there's a whole thing about the speeds that are advertised as only achievable to shaw's own servers, that's another issue altogether, but the fact that loading images becomes an issue during peak time, let alone trying to stream media is also insane. I'm just trying to figure out whether or not these issues are addressable by shaw or myself.


These issues have attempted to have been addressed by:
   - Re-Installation of ethernet drivers, a firewall reset followed by a system restore
   - The replacement of the Hitron modem with the Technicolor XB6, which has also been replaced once with another XB6.

   - Multiple factory resets / power-cycles of both the Hitron, XB6, and the Netgear router that we use as well (which uses a bridged modem, of which we have asked shaw for a 2nd IP).
   - The use of just the XB6 as a router/modem.
   - The connection of the modem to the nearest available splitter to our coaxial source.
   - Testing done over ethernet connected to the modem and the router, both of which show the same sub-par results.  

It'd be one thing to be on the same plan and have a worse internet connection, but it's another to go the highest plan and have a significantly worse connection than what you had on the previous.


Please, any help would be appreciated so I don't lose my mind.