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BlueSky Netflix, VOD or Apps?

Question asked by rickatk on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by rickatk

Is watching Netflix from the BlueSky On Demand (VOD) menu different than from the app section in BlueSky?

I ask this question taking into consideration the source of the streaming.


Is the VOD version streaming like other VOD  titles?

Is looking at Netflix via the app section more like watching Netflix over a streaming device via wifi?

Does the BlueSky box actually have wifi streaming capabilities?


Finally, I have been looking at Netflix from a few different sources, VOD, BlueSky Apps section, Apple TV and now though my new TV Apps which is bringing in HDR. The HDR streams look pretty good, but the VOD source is no slouch either. My Apple TV is not 4K HDR and the picture looks fine, some moire typical of streaming sources.