Is My Gateway Showing Signs Of Packing Up?

Discussion created by biglar on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by boight

Last couple of months have noticed my Gateway is doing strange things. To illustrate I'll use couple of random channels


1/ Say at noon I start watching news on channel 211, and watch till say 1220, then switch to channel 220 watching for 10 mins and then go back to 211 wishing to rewind to view the 10 mins I missed, there is nothing there, meaning there is no previous content to rewind to. What is also strange sometimes by manually switch channels, in the example above, to the immediate channel before or after in this case channel 210 then immediately back to 211 sometimes brings the ability to rewind content back.


2/ Switch to a different channel. Say I'm watching channel 211, go to vertical menu and select say 220, the picture freezes (on 211) for up to 20-25 seconds and even sometimes goes black before program on 220 starts.


3/ From time to time when watching a channel and wanting to rewind when previous content is there, the whole picture starts to 'stutter' and in the background can see what looks like trying to rewind then returns to current time frame. Trying one or two more times starts to rewind to desired point correctly.


None of the above items happens everyday, all day, but is becoming more frequent.