Cisco DPC3825 Pre-assigned DHCP addresses

Discussion created by rnewell on Jan 27, 2019
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I have a device on my network that needs to be seen from the outside world -


So I use the Pre-assignment feature in the router to BIND an IP address of my choosing

within the internal network by binding (for example) 192.168.0.XX to the MAC ADDRESS of the device -

and use PORT FORWARDING to direct any outside traffic to this specific IP address within my network

-- and the port that it is listening on....


Problem is: when the DHCP lease expires (default one hour) the Pre-assigned IP address is

flushed and my connection is lost and I need to enter the IP reservation again --

I see I can extend the LEASE time to 24 hours but this is only marginally more helpful.

Is there a more modern or different modem I can get that can do this the way I want it?


many thanks -