Regret getting into the 2 year agreement

Discussion created by asha on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by dxer

I generally like Shaw I'm glad there's a Shaw retail store here in North Vancouver where I live but I do have a 2 year plan/agreement with Shaw which I now regret getting, I guess it's the issue of a lot of stations on Shaw that aren't in HD on Shaw cable because sometimes I wish I was with Telus Optik TV because they have more channels that are in HD than Shaw, in fact thier Essentials TV package (equivalent to Shaw's Limited TV) has more channels in HD (in fact the Essentials TV package has both Vision TV & KSTW CW Seattle in HD & they are not available in Shaw Limited TV (they are only in SD on the Shaw packs they are in)........yes I know there's more important issues in the word, but just want to put that out......oh if I had the money I would get out of the 2 year agreement & do the momth to month thing but unfortunately I can't afford the $400 or so I'd have to pay.