BlueSky Remote Recording App. When?

Discussion created by wileyk on Feb 9, 2019
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Shaw customers need to know that a BlueSky TV APP (Apple IOS or Android) to set "remote recordings" on our PVRs actually exists. Not sure why Shaw talks around this FACT and wants you to believe that a BlueSky "remote recording” app is being developed and is coming at some future unknown time. Here are the FACTS!!


1.) BlueSky TV and its’ related equipment is actually the USA based Comcast Infinity X1 platform. They also have the existing APP.


2.) Comcast’s competitor TiVo (now Rovi) has been suing Comcast for the past 18+ months over “remote recording” technology patents and fees. Comcast refused to pay TiVo and then removed the “remote recording” functionality from their App and went to court.  Type in “TiVo Comcast lawsuit” in Google and you’ll see the entire issue detailed.


3.) BlueSky users are very unlikely to see the APP that includes “remote recording” functionality etc etc until this lawsuit is settled or Shaw decides to move away from the Comcast product.


Hard to believe a large company like Shaw would bring aboard a legally embattled and functionally lame replacement for the Arris Gateway and then market it to us as “The Future of Television”. I hope the decision makers in top management got fired and Shaw would be more forthcoming on what will happen now!


Previously happy Arris Gateway users now sit on BlueSky TV without “remote recording” ability while Telus and others just laugh. So the question stands, WHEN will we get a remote recording app for BlueSky?