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Shaw Open - Limited Speed

Question asked by arjay on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by shaw-tamara

Hi Folks!


I was under the impression that Shaw Open speeds were tied to subscribed Internet account speeds. I'm connecting to a Shaw Open AP and the best I can get out of it is 10 down / 5 up. It's a pretty isolated AP and I can't see there being much traffic on it. 


The Shaw account that the MAC address is registered on is Shaw 75. It was my understanding that, theoretically, it would see 75 under perfect conditions. Clearly 10/5 is pretty low. In fact, if I stand directly under it with my phone the best I can see is 35 down and it decreases rapidly from there. 


The AP I am connecting to is 28:C7:CE:23:C3:CF - As mentioned, it's a very isolated AP and should only be busy in the peak of the summer (tourist area) so I can't see traffic being an issue.


Can anyone confirm my understanding that the speed is supposed to be related to my Shaw account Internet subscription package, and, if possible, can you take a look at that AP to see what's going on with it? It would be nice to see proper speeds coming off of it. 


Best & Thanks!