Removed my discussion? Shaw 300 in SW calgary video media streaming NOT WORKING

Discussion created by aleks192 on Feb 10, 2019
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Let me repost my initial discussion which got no reply:

I'm having a real tough time with customer service these past 4 weeks. 4 week ago, suddenly my service stopped working properly in the evenings. Buffering badly on TV streams that have worked flawlessly for the past year. Like anyone, I though well maybe its the TV service, or maybe its my wireless. I put into motion numerous steps to test and disprove this, but customer service still insists its "my problem" not a "shaw problem". This is simply not the case.

-TV streams working fine during the day, and stop working after and around supper time.

-Subscribed to 2 other services, unrelated, in an effort to see if that was the issue, 4 services total, same behavior at the same times.

-Tried different devices, Firestick 4k, Nvidia Shield, i7 laptop, tablet. All the same on the home network at the same times.

-Same behavior happens when trying to use VPN (just to test any possible scenario, I don't use it normally). Connecting to the best server on my phone I get 140+, connecting during the day on any of my devices I get 140+, when my service starts failing my VPN rates reduce to 8Mbps down. Conversely, a friend of mine with the same devices, same service, in a different community will not have any fluctuation in speeds (and, with that he never suffers the same problems I am describing here)

-Factory reset the devices, factory reset the router (Netgear Orbi), factory reset and unbridged the original modem (arris XB6, and now a Hitron (tech came over and insisted my problem would be solved with this modem, it isn't). Went all the way to factory reset and LAN cable to the modem, same behavior at the same times

- Here's the kicker, if I change any of my devices (including the laptop that was LAN'd direct to the modem) to hotspot off of my cellphone, or watch on a pubic network, everything works flawlessly and fast, no buffering at these same times. I can test them back to back and I get the 2 opposites of behavior.


So why, would any of this suffer only on the Shaw network? That's what I would like to know, and its been 4+ weeks of this with little no help from tech (who always do the same tests, noise, interference, packet loss, etc). There is no reason, with S300, that these services should suffer, yet shaw denies there is an issue. I have repeatable, back to back evidence it is isolated to the service in my community. "Stream as much as you want", isn't terribly true. I just want answers, my internet plan is not meeting my needs, yet it was fine for a year beforehand.


Since then I have been told about incident #0524487, and #0521652. 1652 I was told had "no ETA for a fix" and was directly related to media streaming slowdowns at peak times, which for my service means "unusable". Twitter support state that has been resolved, but IT STILL DOESN'T WORK. I've had a regular tech, I've had a senior tech, they both verified my gear and system is NOT A PROBLEM, but there are numerous posts on social media, forums, etc of people having the same issue. Why is this continuing? Its apparent something happened at the beginning of January to change something with the service that suddenly broke numerous customers internet. Yet you can't fix it or come clean with customers? And then to delete the post on top of that?!