Two Kinds of Errors Connecting to Shaw Go Wifi

Discussion created by eihhh on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by shaw-tamara
  I am having trouble registering my device with Shaw Go Wifi.
  + When I try to register via my home Shaw network, I successfully authenticate but always go directly to an error page (“Error / We were unable to complete your request.  Please try again later.”).
  + I get a similar error when I try to connect directly at a Shaw Go hotspot.
  + Also, I saw a help document stating that you can access registered devices under the “My Services” tab on MyShaw; but when I log in and click on this tab, nothing happens (I continue to just see whatever page I was on, and no request goes out to the server.)
  How can I register my device to use Shaw Go Wifi?  Relatedly, are there any clues as to why clicking on "My Services" might not do anything?  (Could it be relevant that my shaw user id is not from the shaw.ca domain?)  Screenshots are below.
Thanks for your help,