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Cisco 3848V, Enable bridge mode or ip passthrough

Question asked by alexs20 on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by alexs20

Yesterday i joined Shaw with Internet 300 plan and got Cisco DPC3848V modem. Last night i tried to switch it to bridge mode and asked for that via live chat. The rep from the chat told me that their tools that does that are currently down and instead i can try to configure ip-passthrough. So i tried to do that but as result my router was unable to obtain public ip address. So i contacted shaw again and another rep told me that this is most likely because they have all these tools down and i will not be able to receive public ip via ip-passthrough. So my question, when you guys going to restore your tools so i can either use ip-passthrough or switch my modem to bridge mode? Or probably i should go to shaw kiosk and ask for modem replacement for something like XB6, so i can switch to bridge mode by myself?