Shaw PPP Sucks

Discussion created by pickle-1961! on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by shaw-tamara

i am very disappointed with Shaws PPV of UFC 235.i would think for $55 u should be able to get the pre-lims or undercard;but,that wasnt the case.I had signed up for the fights around 7:45p.m. and was watching a few interviews,and when 8:00p.m. rolled around my sreen went blank.I phoned Shaw to find out what had happened and was on hold for 45-50 minutes.The Shaw guy got the tv working,but by then i had missed the first two fights of the main card.So,long story short;i paid $55 for 3 fights.Like i had said before,for $55 u should be able to see the pre-lims,also.I am seriously thinking of joining Tie Domis Comwave group for 6 months free and then $90 a month for tv,internet &home phone.I am currently paying $135/month for a middle-of-the-road cable package and high speed lite(slow)internet package.i sure hope Shaw compensates me somehow for this travesty.