BlueSky TV Stutters

Discussion created by savagek99 on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2019 by shawwatcher

I have 4 TV's in my home on BlueSky. I have had this setup since the inception of BlueSky - a couple of years maybe...

Things have been fine until about 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, when one of the satellite TV's is on, the main TV in the media room experiences a stutter every 10 seconds or so. When the TV in the satellite room (bedroom etc) is paused...the stuttering on the main TV goes away. And the strange thing...the satellite TV's do not have the same problem!


I have had two techs come to the house. The first one experienced the issue and replaced the main box. The second tech did not see the issue (at 3pm in the afternoon I could not replicate it) and he tightened loose connections outside and replaced a filter. It seemed to be fixed, but as it turned out, the issue started up later in the evening.


I usually watch TV in the evenings or on the weekends (when most people do). That is when I have the issue. Could the problem be that too many people are watching TV in my neighbourhood? I think this issue started about the time Shaw upgraded my Internet service...


Anyways, has anyone else had this problem? I have noticed it when watching YouTube as well on the BlueSky app.


It is very frustrating, and for the first time in 20+ years, I am considering a switch to Telus.