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None at Shaw seems accountable trying to get my service at the 600 Mbps level

Question asked by systema5 on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by shaw-tony

About a month ago I noticed that my Internet speed was really slow for a 300 Mbps service level.

Thinking that it maybe my internal router I bought a brand new ASUS RT-AC5300 which was top of the line at that time (I think it is still).

Called Shaw support after testing only 120 Mbps on my Shaw modem with one of my laptops connected straight to it with a CAT 6 cable.

They send a tech a week later.

At the time I did not think much about it since I usually got good service from the Shaw Internet and the speed was there.

Before the tech showed up I decided to move to the 600 Mbps service since I work from home.

The Tech came to my house on February 15th, he exchanged the modem and then the testing started but he could not get the 600 Mbps using two different laptops connected straight to the new modem using a CAT 6 cable.

He proceeded to change all of the BNC connections inside the house but still could not get the speed.

He advised that as far as he could tell it may be a problem with the connection outside and that the NOC (Network Operations Centre) needed to get involved but that it may be up to 5 business days, he also said that it maybe the port outside and a tech from the NOC needed to do the work since he was not authorized.

I called on February 19th to make sure that the scheduled repair was on track and I asked for a ticket as a form of follow up since I was getting the feeling that every time I called there was no a clear understanding on what was going on and I had to start explaining everything again.

Anyway, at this time I had spend literally a few hours on the phone trying to get someone accountable to get this fixed.

At one time I asked to speak to the supervisor/manager on duty and first level said that he sent an email to the person in question.

I never ever got a called from anyone from Shaw.

By the way, the ticket number as per the tech was *Mod removed private information*, it sounded legit.

I called again on February 25th and spent 1 hr and 30 min between waiting and trying to explain to Gurdip what was going on but he sounded like he did not know anything even after providing him with the above ticket number.

As you may have guessed I had to provide the information again even when I was reluctant since according to what I was told a ticket number should have all of that info but it sounded like they have never heard from that ticket.

I asked to speak again with a manager since I know they are only the first/customer service level and it seems none is accountable there.

Well, I got the story that to talk to anyone above them it had to have strict guidelines and mine were not it since a tech should resolve them.

At this point, I am really worked up in regards to the whole problem since none seems accountable to get this resolve.

Again today I gave my info for a manager/supervisor (?) to call me back but as I think none will do that and I will have to call tech support again to try to stay calm and tell them my problem from the beginning.

By the way, it seems after I have told them that a tech was in house that the telephone support tries to blame it in my side because there is supposedly another tech visiting my house on February 26th.

In conclusion, all of this leads me to believe that the Shaw support have gone from ok to REALLY bad since none seems accountable and my problem is still there after a month of calling.

I may just cancel the service at the end because the support is so BAD.

Please help SHAW