Intermittent connection drops requiring me to reset my gateway on modem

Discussion created by suursteruim on Mar 17, 2019
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I've been having problems with the connection dropping at random times during the day. Going into the modems logs. It always give me the following 2 messages under the firewall logs: 

Shaw Support

FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 269 Attempts, 2019/3/17 12:10:46Firewall Blocked
FW.IPv6 INPUT drop , 17 Attempts, 2019/3/16 19:58:55Firewall Blocked


I also get these messages in the event log:

All logs for Today
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 822019/3/16 19:31:13Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 242019/3/16 19:31:13Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001004-DHCPv6 Provision - 0 Retries Attempted with Last attempt at Sun Mar 17 01:31:12 20192019/3/16 19:31:13Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001015-DHCPv6 Failed - No Prefix Available2019/3/16 19:31:12Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001014-DHCPv6 Failed - No Address Available2019/3/16 19:31:12Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 822019/3/16 19:31:12Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9600]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 242019/3/16 19:31:12Critical
DHCPv4[9111]: 72001001-DHCPv4 Provision - Completed2019/3/16 19:31:07Informationa


After that I have to reset the modem if I want to get my internet back to working.


When I try a web address within the diagnostic tools in the modem it self I get the website I try to ping doesn't work either. 


I know it's not a problem with my devices because as soon as I switch to my phone's mobile hotspot things works fine again, both on my phone and computer. 


My computer is not connected via WiFi but via Ethernet cable. All devices in the house whether on WiFi or Ethernet loses internet connectivity when this happens. 


I've tried to disable the IPv6 firewall of the modem. This doesn't fix it.

I've now deactivated the IPv4 firewall as well but this potentially leaves the modem open for attack which is kind of scary to me.


It is starting to cost me money this problem, because I am online teacher I don't have 10min to wait for a modem reset to happen when I get this issue. I am using my phone's data right now but it is happening so frequently now that I've run out of data on my phone. 


I've contacted tech support this morning and they insist the problem lies with me, but if that was the case why would everything work the moment I switch to my phone's internet using a hot spot. The tech I talked over chat with today frustrated me to the point where I am considering finding a different ISP.


Anyone knows how to fix this problem?