Bluesky constantly going down

Discussion created by bauerash05 on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by bychance

We are at a loss on what to do, since we got Bluesky back in July we've had nothing but problems. Goes down constantly. One time we went almost 3 weeks with no TV waiting for our tech appointment (yet I pay my bill fully which is also very frustrating). All connections are secure, they've put a booster on the line. Again it's down non stop. I call repeatedly, they say the signal is excellent. I stopped using a power bar and have it plugged directly into the wall (which was the last suggestion). We are on our third box since July as well. When I call they say it looks like it's recycling on its own so perhaps it was a power problem hence the reason I bypassed the extent ion cord/power bar. Nothing has helped. Anyone have any last ditch suggestions before we go cancel. We've been more than patient. It goes down numerous times a day-it's down again right now.