Problem With Time Showing For Voicemails

Discussion created by bostonbob on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by bostonbob

So this problem started right after the switch to Daylight Savings time. I noticed that the time for messages received was behind by 1 hour on both my phone and on " My SHAW " page. At first I figured that since the switch to Daylight Savings had just happened it might take a few days to automatically be corrected. After a few more days it still had not been updated so I called in but the Phone Tech person was completely stumped. So now I figured I was probably just stuck with the incorrect time. Today I noticed that the time on my phone was now correct but the time on " My SHAW " page was still 1 hour behind so I called SHAW again. And once again the Phone Tech guy was stumped so I was hoping that somebody here knew how to fix the problem.