Shaw 600 XB6 Download/Upload Problems

Discussion created by asacher on Apr 25, 2019

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone could assist me with this problem.

Currently, i switched from Internet 300 (Hitron Modem) to the Shaw 600 (XB6 Modem). In all my history with shaw, I have always ran the modems bridged and i run wired and wireless connections off my router (Netgear Nighthawk AC1900).

I have had nothing but problems with my internet ever since. How I can best describe the problem, is that I am having almost "micro disconnects". They are interruptions within my internet connection that so momentarily kick me offline, but never to the point where the status light on my modem goes out. I do a lot of gaming and stream many things simultaneously, and it is very noticeable when it happens (Note: I am hardwired into gaming consoles and computer). I get kicked out of games, almost like a "lag switch happens" and then reconnect instantly. When it happens, my WiFi disconnects also on my other devices and also my security camera disconnect rapidly.

I have replaced all my Ethernet cables (Cat6), also a new coaxial cable. All connections are tight and secure. Running speedtests, i range anywhere between 80-540mbps Download, and 0.8-5mbsp Upload. My upload speed doesn't even come NEAR the speeds i was getting on the Hitron. I had swapped out the modem today, and the speeds have not improved or stabilized.

Anyone else encounter these issues? It seems like there is interference even when the modem is in bridge mode.