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Samsung Galaxy 8 cannot send pictures out of Outlook for email

Question asked by jfinlay18 on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by jfinlay18

Samsung did a systems update last Thursday. We could not send out emails from our email accounts after that update.


Samsung had to delete us from the email app installed on our phone and put us on Outlook  Now we can send out emails but cannot attach pictures. The pictures show on the phone in the sent box and on the phone in the in box ( sending from one shaw email account to another one that are both on the phone ) as little white boxes with some green and the word Image.  Surprisingly when we view these emails on our webmail on our computers the pictures show up just fine in the sent and inbox.


Shaw said they do not support apps, Microsoft Outlook says it is a server issue with Shaw not allowing the pictures ( why then can we see it on shaw webmail on the computer?)


Samsung said to get incoming and outcoming server information and shaw said what kind of information. I don't know what to tell them.