Why am I not getting the speeds I'm paying for? Inconsistent/weak Upload.

Discussion created by rivulet on Apr 11, 2019
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Upload speeds haven't been consistent for months. While I'd have liked to work on this issue for the last few weeks I've been stuck working a part-time job of calling Shaw and hosting tech-support visits to deal with the other issue that my internet was simply disconnecting from my modem every few hours. That one was more important. This is still important.


I am using Shaw 300 Internet and sometimes speed-test sites are showing the advertised speeds but that's only for download. Upload speed shows '15 mbps' occasionally but when I test it more, or on other sites it goes as low as 300 kbps.


I am trying to upload to Google Drive and Twitch.tv via Stream. Both of these services are crippled by my upload speeds. The uploading is slow, and on my Twitch stream (Streamlabs OBS) I drop anywhere from 10-110% (yes 110%) of my frames. It also seems like everything internet-related on my PC is choppy in it's connection.


I'd love some help through solutions and not finding out 'where the problem is'. I am... rather sure it's not on my end, but I'll accept ideas. I have tried wi-fi, ethernet, multiple devices on wif-fi and ethernet, multiple ethernet cords, different days, different times of day, different streaming platforms different streaming applications, port forwarding, pinging hosting platforms via command prompt and more! I have also tried turning off the modem and then turning it back on again.