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Value Plan Renewal Price

Question asked by robthomas on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2019 by rickatk

My 2-Year Value Plan (for Internet 300 only) expires on June 19th. According to my most recent statement, I am currently paying $113/month less a promotional discount of $28.10/month or $84.90 per month. I would like to renew my contract but am not able to find any information on the Shaw web site that relates to what is price is available to existing Shaw customers renewing their contracts. Everything seems to be geared to promotions for new customers!


I certainly do not wish to be charged $113 per month or the regular month-to-month price (whatever that is) when my existing contract expires so I would like to arrange for a new Shaw contract before the existing one expires. Alternatively, if the renewal price is more than I can afford, I want some time to make arrangements with another service provider before my Shaw contract expires.  I don't want to change my Shaw cable or personal phone plans.


Will Shaw be contacting me before June 19th with a renewal offer? Can I renew online? What is the renewal price for Internet 300 Unlimited for existing Shaw customers under a 2-year plan for internet only?