Blue Curve GateWay (Arris XB6) Non Stop Problems

Discussion created by ruthless on Apr 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by tmm177

I have had the Blue Curve Arris XB6 with Shaw 600 for a few months.

The service quality of Shaw 600 has been a huge disappointment.

I have on the 5 G band averaged 50 Mb/s download.

I have continuous problems with the following:

Roger Wi-fi (iphone) calling becomes choppy or stops working.

Xbox online games disconnect

Netflix becomes choppy and blury and sometimes stops working

Amazon firestick stops streaming and On and on.

I never had these problems before getting the Blue Curve Arris XB6.


First Tech Call:

The tech replaced the Arris XB6 modem with another Modem and turned off MOCA and installed MOCA filters. Tech also enabled Band Steering and emphasized it was a better choice.


Second Tech Call:

They did some sort of remote reboot and told me the overheating Arris XB6 was normal. My XB6 is always hot till this day. I fear it becoming a fire hazard.


Third Tech Call:

I complained about all the issues Rogers Wifi calling is giving me and issues with streaming buffering. I was told that Band Steering needs to be turned off to ensure all devices that are compatible with 5G actually connect to 5g. I was told this will fix all of my buffering and call drop issues. It fixed absolutely nothing. My download speeds still average 50 mb/s on a Shaw 600 connection. My past modem on Shaw 150 use to always hit 150. I asked for a technicolor XB6 modem based on what I've read online hoping it will fix my wifi issues and the tech support told me, "we don't just change equipment when it's working". Problem is, it's not actually working properly.


I am very fed up with my Shaw 600 wifi connectivity issues. I still have over 1 year left on my contract, could someone help me figure out a way out of my contract so I can switch providers? or give me a suggestion on how I can get the Technicolor XB6 modem and pray that it fixes all my wifi connection issues and gives me a wifi speed hopefully over 50 mb/s.