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Wiring for multiple receivers

Question asked by steve1234 on Apr 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by katie

I currently have one 630 receiver and the oval dish with dual LNBs.   However, I would like to get one more receiver, and at the same time wire a total of 3 additional rooms for future receivers.     I see Shaw suggests the DTV4x8 multiswitch for multiple receiver applications.   It seems to be amplified.


I am confused by the number of inputs to the multi-switch.   It has four inputs.    My dish actually has four F connections, but only two have cables going to them, and the 630 only has inputs for two cables.    Can somebody please explain 2 cables vs 4 cables -- what does each do, and would I need to run 4 RG6 cables from the dish to the multiswitch?  Would I then be running one cable to the 630?


Second question is if I am over complicating this.    Although I would like to run cables to 3 additional bedrooms, I only have plans (at this point) to put one additional receiver.    Can simplify the system (eliminate need of multiswitch) if I only run signal to one additional room?