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It's Back - Your HD Box is Restoring Its Network Connection

Question asked by lmacri on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by shaw-tony

I am located in Winnipeg, MB and have a Motorola DCX3510-M HD-PVR.  I was affected by the same problem reported by several users the last week of March 2019 in the thread Network connection restored box keeps showing up? and these errors reappeared yesterday.


Every time I try to delete a recorded program from my PVR the message "Your HD box is restoring its network connection - all functions will be available soon."  and the program is never deleted.  Yesterday, the same message appeared on my TV screen every 5 or 10 minutes while I was trying to play back a recorded program (although unlike March 2019, I don't recall seeing the alternating "Network connection has been restored - all functions are available" message).  When I view my HD Guide the majority of times slots say "No current program" and if I attempt to schedule a recording in one of these time slots it just says "No program available" and refuses to schedule the recording.


I'm afraid to unplug the PVR and try a power cycle to re-boot the PVR because I ended up with a black TV screen and couldn't get any signal to my TV for almost an hour the last time this happened.