Where is the Customer Service?

Discussion created by donvideoguy on May 1, 2019
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I had been approached by Shaw indicating that I should look at the new Large TV package to replace my older services. After reviewing the package, it did provide some channels that I would like to view (although still many not in HD) and the cost was pretty much the same as what I was paying. So called in to make the change. Within 30 minutes of calling Shaw, my internet service went out. Called the customer service line and in 30 minutes the internet was back up. While I was on the call with the Shaw Tech, I noticed that my TV service was out, another 45 minutes with the technician and it was identified as a script error that would need to go to Shaw IT for repair. After 24 hours of no TV called in to Shaw via chat and got a great Customer Service Rep (actually all of the reps have been very professional) that took note of the problem and promised to escalate and get back to me. The next day the same rep called me to say that the problem was with the new Shaw Billing system and that it was in the queue for immediate resolution. Since I hung up from that call, I have never had any direct contact via phone, Any communication with Shaw has been only through Chat services and even though I ask for and am promised return calls, this has never happened.

I have been with Shaw for over 25 years and have been pretty happy as the internet service has been reliable and very few outages. However this latest experience has really soured me on the company.

I have now been without TV service for over a week, with no response or explanation. I have tried to use the Shaw customer advocacy website, which indicates that they will respond in 24 hours, I am now at hour 41, with no response.

Has anyone else experienced this? How do you contact someone at Shaw live that can help in resolution? 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue with Shaw? Any luck with resolution?