Hitron CGNM-2250 dropping

Discussion created by jhasselm on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by garryk

I've seen other issues with the Hitron in this forum, but am adding another in hopes of getting a quick resolution.  We have replaced a Hitron with another Hitron because it kept dropping internet.  This one is worse and won't stay 'connected' for more than 10 minutes.  We are tethering to our mobiles as a result.


We can see the modem and connect to it from all devices in the house.  But once connected to the modem there is no internet access.  We have tried using the cable to connect to the modem when it drops and even that doesn't help.  It is so unstable, we now connect for about 5 minutes to a few hours before it drops.


We have no router, no extraneous network items - this is a simple home network with Shaw service and the Hitron.


Any ideas / help / thoughts?  We've heard various reasons from the chat support, but none of that is working.