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Why does BlueCurve parental control block way more YouTube content?

Question asked by jmediajar on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by jmediajar

If I turn on parental controls in BlueCurve home app, it blocks/filters much more content then what is blocked by turning on “restricted mode” in YouTube settings. Why?

This article states that when turning on BlueCurve parental control, “restricted mode” will be turned on for YouTube. BlueCurve Home FAQ - Parental Controls 

However, if I compare what’s filtered by enabling “restricted mode” In YouTube settings alone with what’s filtered by BlueCurve parental controls, BlueCurve PC blocks almost everything, almost all of my subscription content. So, it appears the “third party” mechanism Shaw is using is overriding YouTube’s definition of “restricted mode” and replacing it with its own definition. Is there a way to remedy this?  Is there a way to instruct to use the default definition of YouTube “restricted mode”?