BluCurve Gateway and DHCP

Discussion created by tomt1949 on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by aheck

I've searched high and low for a manual for this, and neither I nor Shaw support has been able to find one.


I'm considering upgrading my current modem to this one. I currently use a TP Link router for wifi and DHCP. I am hoping to be able to turn of the TP Link's wifi, but continue to use it for DHCP as I have a number of wired connections which I'd like to keep as they are.


I can find no information on whether or not DHCP can be disabled on the XB6, or if not, is there a menu to access DHCP settings (e.g. fixed IP addresses, etc.)?


Shaw tech support was unable to answer these questions, so hopefully someone here who is using one can help me out.