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Second hand Gateway HDPVR

Question asked by smokin_joe on May 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by nascardog

I just acquired a second hand unit. They told me it was free and clear, the price was right. I was a snap decision, and I now  know I probably should have contacted Shaw before I bought it. However when I got it home I plugged it in to see if it was functioning. It appears to working, and actually I could watch quite a few channels. I can only assume it was the previous owners cable package.  Anyway I have some questions:


1) How do I go about switching this over to my account, so I can see my subscription?

2) In the network settings It can't seem to connect properly, the error is "failed to connect to dns".

3) is there someway to completely wipe this thing of previous recordings/settings?


4) I'm sure there is/will be more. Thanks :-)