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Bluecurve poor performance

Question asked by dem1001 on May 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by dkcanuck

I recently upgraded to from Internet 75 Bluecurve 300 to take advantage of the promised greater speed and mesh wifi, only to learn after the install that the pods are not yet available in Ontario.  On top of that I have noticed no increase in speed and have performed many speed tests over the past few weeks.  The download speeds have varied from 37 Mb/sec except for one test that returned 92.61 at 4:30 pm on 18 April.  The upload speed on that test was 12.53 with  upload speeds for the remaining tests 0.19 to 19.  So today I went through the procedure you suggest regarding slow internet.  With a direct ethernet connection to the modem in safe mode I got 46.78 download and 16.00 upload, only slightly better than direct connect in normal mode of 46.36 down and 15.95 up.  These are all after resetting the modem.  The initial speeds before reset were 44.60 down and 16.72 up.

I didn't sign a 2 year contract for this.

So, where is the higher speed and when can I expect the Bluecurve pods?