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Calls to home line sent to unknown number

Question asked by jlbrown on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by jlbrown

When some callers try to dial our land line, they are connected with a completely different phone number. We have one friend who can call our Shaw land line number and connect with us right away from her mobile, but every time she calls from her home phone (Shaw land line), she's connected with a completely different number.  


I've tried several calls to Shaw's phone support but the problem remains unresolved. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's tough to be able to gauge the extent of the problem, since people don't realize their calls are being misdirected. Generally we've tried to ignore the problem over the years but the misdirected calls are getting more frequent. We've disabled any call forwarding or blocking options, but it has never resolved the issue.


We'd rather not switch our home phone to another service provider if possible.  Any insights appreciated. Thanks!