Is McAfee antivirus any good?

Discussion created by quinton77 on May 22, 2019

Hello everyone,


Although now in 2018, it would have had to improve over the years, right?


Reason is, my dad bought McAfee full protection softwear (with the rebate he pays $0, which is why he did it) and the protection can go on 10 different devices. I figure a full, https://discord.software/ complete antivirus that was bought would be better than regular level free antivirus. So I'm just wondering if I should uninstall my free avg (although I did buy AVG internet security for now) FetLife and put this on it. I put it on his laptop and so far its running as any iTunes other antivirus would (display, settings, options etc all seem to be the regular stuff) . Serious thoughts on it?

Thank you!