D-link pods and arris xb6 slowing down wifi

Discussion created by bsquig on May 25, 2019
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Hello everybody,


On Shaw internet 150 was using an airport express and a singular apple booster to provide wifi to the whole house. Even if it was spotty in some areas like the basement where speeds were averaging around 88-136 MBPS download. In the living room beside the router we were it was nearly always at 150 MBPS. Recently we contacted support about the issues and were instructed to add d-link pods to our system.


As of today, we added three D-link pods to our wifi network to try and fix some of the issues we have been having. We now find that in the rooms where wifi was spotty before it is non-existent with speeds averaging 17.5 download speed and 5.70 upload speed. I have found it the worse on any type of iPhone or iPad where the device has troubles streaming Netflix or youtube, surfing or looking up articles, and basic activities like kredit karma or even ookla's speed test. on my laptop, I can average 22.5-58 MBPS now. The only location in my house that has around 150 MBPS+ is right beside the router in our living rooms (and out of 25 tests over the pasts 3 hours I can say this has only been to 200 once), usually averaging 122 MBPS.


There are few things that I think may be interfering but any help would be greatly appreciated as I am losing my mind trying to get everything functional again. 


First would be instead of changing over to our d-link modem we are still using our 3 d-link pods with the airport express router. This means two networks are simultaneously running. Could this be splitting the strength of the network?

second would be maybe our d-links are too close as we have them all downstairs in the areas that were having trouble before the switch meaning each is in a room beside each other. Could they be overlapping and dragging down the network?


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