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One Portal of 5 acting up.  Live and recorded

Question asked by hjnicol on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by shaw-tamara

I have a Gateway with 5 portals.  They have all been working just fine until recently.  Just one is acting up. 


Initially just thought a channel was acting up but slowly discovered it was just on one portal.


On certain channels ABC West HD (Channel 200 in Penticton) and one of the FOX HD, not sure if East or West, could be other channels.  When watching live, the video and audio jumps ahead periodically and frequently the video doesn't match the audio, (a short delay).  Now here's the strange part.  When watching a program recorded from Channel 200 by the Gateway, playback on that same portal reacts the same, (jumping)  BUT other TVs on different portals work fine for a program recorded from Channel 200.


Have compared the acting up portal (living room) with the TV in the kitchen at the same time (both live) and the only portal that jumps is the living room.


Is this indicative of a portal at the end of it's life ?  Had it many years.


Recordings from other channels don't have problems on the same portal.  Just ABC West HD, a FOX (there may be others I haven't checked all the channels, but certainly not many)