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Is there some sort of bottle-necking that happens at specific intervals?

Question asked by xenith57 on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by xenith57

I'm curious to know..

It's not that I have a bad connection, 99% of the time, it's great.. I get my expected (and sometimes more than expected rates).


The issue is that at roughly 6:20 ish pm, my connection comes to an almost crawl.. This lasts roughly 20 minutes, and then everything is fine.. 


The down rate is hit, reducing to about 50 mbps, which means, standard usage generally isn't affected, but the up rate drops from 0 to 2 mbpps... 


I stream content, upload is what counts, and is why I noticed it happening. There's a massive loss of frames.

I've reboot the Modem / router / computer more times that I can count at this point.  Even after a reboot, if it's still within that roughly 20 minute window, the connection is still low ball..


And then all of the sudden, bam, normal..  I normally notice is on tuesdays and wednesday as those are the days that I'm normally streaming out, but today(monday) it happened.  When I ran the speed test, it literally bottomed out the up rate at 0..literally no up rate.



This isn't a regular 'my internet sucks' thread.. I'm just confused (and annoyed) as to why it seems like it just bottoms out, at this specific time, for the timeframe that is does..


Any insights?