BlueSky TV - Recordings Vanished

Discussion created by bdebroni on May 25, 2019
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Let's start with the setup in my household. We have 2 BlueSky TV boxes, each with a 500 Mb drive, giving us a total of 1 Gb of recording space. We have had this setup for close to 2 years now, and have never experienced any problems except for an occasional recording not being able to play back (bad sectors on a hard drive???).


My wife and I left on a short vacation. When we left, it was showing that we had used around 62% of the available recording space. When we got back 6 days later, I was looking through my recordings and noticed that it was saying that we had only used 50% of the available space. I checked with everyone in the household, and no one had deleted anything. Looking through the recordings, a number of recordings were (seemingly) randomly deleted. Some of the recordings that were deleted were old recordings. However, some that were not deleted were definitely older than some that were. All of the recordings have the default save option of keeping it until space is needed, but we should not have run out of space given the amount of free space that we had and what was scheduled to be recorded. None of the deleted recordings were available under Recently Deleted. Since we have returned, everything appears to be working as expected.


Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I have some theories as to what may have happened, but I cannot confirm these theories because the BlueSky system does a wonderful job of hiding details from the user. Is there any way for the end user to perform some diagnostics to see any logs that the system may have generated or to see if either hard drive is having problems? I would really like to avoid a repeat of this as we lost some recordings that cannot be obtained via the On Demand system.