Why can't I access Global TV?

Discussion created by bingusgirl on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by shaw-tony

Okay, so before, when I try to access Global TV using MyShaw ID, it worked. I was able to watch the shows that I missed. But now, I can't access it at all! I tried it access it yesterday and it did not work, it says "The page you're trying to access is no longer available." I was so confused and I thought maybe the server is down so I rubbed it off. Then just now (June 12, 11:20 pm) I tried to access it again, but the same message appeared! I tried it already thrice! I even refreshed it a few times and still nothing, I still cannot access it. 


Please fix it. It is really annoying, and I'm missing out my favourite shows.