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Why Show is not On Demand ??

Question asked by dedwards on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by shaw-tamara

Like to know why shaw only shows tv show only on certain channels when the show is played on multiple channels.


I my case I what to watch the tv series The Hot Zone which played on Show Case and National Geographic channels.

So when I went to ON Demand looking for the show The Hot Zone shaw only had it for The National Geographic channel which we do not subscribe to and it only allow us to subscribe. 


Why should I subscribe when this is available on a channel we already pay for.


So my question is why On Demand did not have it for the Show Case Channel and Only on the National Geographic channel when it was playing on both.


Not impress with the service that we are paying for when something that should be available is not.

Also online tech support was chatting with numerous shaw clients and not dealing with only one client. 

Not great customer service as far as I am concerned.