Very dissapointed and frustrated

Discussion created by kevsheep on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by shaw-tony

I was out the whole day for an event and noticed I kept getting texts stating that I was about to exceed my mobile data limit. I however have not used any mobile data the entire day. Came home and found out that both my iPad and my parents phones were not connected to the shaw wifi. 


Strange, I went into wifi settings but I was not able to find my own wifi listed in the options. It did not show up on any if their phones, my iPad nor my own phone. PC internet has been working fine though so I logged into the modem/router admin settings and the wifi status says that it is up and running. Restarted the devices and still couldn't find the wifi. I ended up having to reboot the router and alas it showed up.


Because of that happening, I was charged for exceeding my mobile data. I find this extremely infuriating as it was not even my own doing to begin with.