Discussion created by thx1138 on Jun 11, 2019
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When I run a speed test on my i-phone through wifi im getting great speeds all over the house, around 300 to 350mbs. When I run the same test through my computer witch is hard wired im only getting 160mbs. This new shaw wifi modem is a lot better then my old one and i don't even need the pods, the signal is great.


After staying up all night and trying different things, I have figured out for some reason, when using FIREFOX web browser I can now see that my download speed is finially saying 350mbs like its suppose to. This is only when using shaw's speed test, every other speed test I have tried only showing 160mbs download.


I am guessing I am getting the correct speed coming into the house considering my wifi is in the 300 range.


I wonder if shaw speed test a faulty or something?


has anyone else had these issues