HDTV channels

Discussion created by robpetts on Jun 21, 2019
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12 years ago the CRTC stopped issuing licenses to broadcast Analog TV signals. In 3 years remaining analog broadcasts have to be shut down. So here we are 8 years after the implementation of HDTV (digital) broadcasting and my Shaw tv lineup still consists of basically 50% standard definition channels. Several of which are currently available on Shaw Direct which has bandwidth limitations ! Bandwidth limitIons was always a go to answer for cable providers in the past but in present days fiber optic environments offer practically unlimited bandwidth for HDTV . We pay a lot of money for the delivery of television services and should have the best service available by today’s standards! And that to me means an end to low bandwidth stand definition television broadcasts!  The analog era of tv is over.  Come on Shaw pick up the game and give your subscribers the service we pay a lot of money for! I can’t even imagine how long it will be before they consider 8 or even 4K delivery!Deliver us all channels in 1080p format. Now!