Advice on Gateway system

Discussion created by stevebuttle on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by shaw-tamara

After having 2 Motorola DCX3400  PVRs for years and recently having issues with the one used most when it came to playing back recorded shows on certain channels, I decided to upgrade to the Gateway system. I am one who likes to own their equipment outright and not rent. That being said, when getting Gateway installed, the tech had mentioned it would be better to rent instead of purchasing. Unfortunately, I wasn't there and it was my wife he had told this to. I'm now wondering if I'm going to have buyers remorse. Now that being said, I am 2 months into a 2 year deal and essentially between the cost of renting them and purchasing them outright would be about the same when my current deal is over. I was looking at Bluesky but I've got an Apple TV hooked up to both my TVs so did I really make the right decision? Or would it have been wiser of me to go with Bluesky? Ultimately what I want is to get the same amount of usage out of my new Gateway system like I did my old Motorola PVRs (roughly 10 years).